Costa Luminosa

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Costa Luminosa came into service for Costa cruises in 2009, she was built in Italy at the Fincantieri shipyards and cost 450 million euro's, Luminosa and her sister ship Costa Deliziosa have very similar designs taking in the best elements of Spirit-class and Vista-class ships.

The inauguration ceremony took place in 2009 and was the world's first duel ceremony setting a new Guinness record, the second ship at christening ceremony was the Costa Pacifica Both ships have different godmothers. 

On board Luminosa should satisfy all tastes and all ages, from the art gallery and precious sculptures to the state of the art 4D cinema, giant movie screen and golf and grand prix simulators.

The Costa Luminosa has a wide range of cabins to choose from, four special suites have direct access to the Samsara Spa. 



Onboard Entertainment and Facilities


Pools tick-icon whirlpools tick-icon
Flowrider  Cross-icon  Rock wall  Cross-icon 
Restaurants & Bars  tick-icon  Shops  tick-icon 
Fast Food  tick-icon  Room Service  tick-icon 
Nightclub or Disco  tick-icon  Lounge  tick-icon 
Theater  tick-icon Cafe's  tick-icon
Casino  tick-icon  Piano Bar  tick-icon 
Pursers desk  tick-icon  Excursion desk  tick-icon 
Library  tick-icon  Photo shop  tick-icon 
Card room  tick-icon  Medical room  tick-icon 
Laundry room  tick-icon Sauna/steam room  tick-icon
Gym  tick-icon Childrens activity clubs  tick-icon
Babysitting service  tick-icon Video games room  tick-icon
Sports facilities  tick-icon Outdoor movie theater  tick-icon



Ship Specifications


  • Size: Large
  • Length: 965 feet
  • Beam: 106 feet
  • Speed: 23knots
  • Tonnage: 92,600
  • Decks: 13
  • Crew: 1,050
  • Passengers: 2,260
  • Maiden Voyage: 5 may 2009 
  • Christened: 5 june 2009
  • Godmother: Valentina Vezzali

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Nautical Terms

Afterdeck - Deck behind a Ship's Bridge

Bow - The Front of the Ship (pointy bit)

Beam - The Greatest Width of the Ship

Bridge - The Location From Which a Ship is Steered and its Speed Controlled

Cargo Hold - A Space for Storing Cargo

Capstan - Upright Device for Winding in Heavy Ropes or Cables

Davit - Device for Hoisting and Lowering a Boat

Flagstaff - Flag Pole at the Stern of a Ship

Forecastle - The Section of the Upper Deck of a Ship Located at the Bow Forward of the Foremast

Foremast -  Mast nearest to  the Bow of a Ship

Galley - The Kitchen area of a Ship

Helm - Ship's Steering Wheel

Hull - The Main Structure or Body of a Ship

Knot - A Measure of Speed Equal to One Nautical Mile (6076 feet) per Hour