Costa wasfounded in 1854 but at this time they only ran cargo ships, in 1947 they introduced their first passenger service and Costa cruises was born. In 2000 Costa cruises was bought by the Carnival Corporation and become one of eleven brands operated by the company.


atlantica  Costa Atlantica 
costa concordia  Costa Concordia
costa classica  Costa Classica
COSTADELIZIOSA  Costa Deliziosa 
costa-diadema-thumb Costa Diadema (coming soon)
favolosa  Costa Favolosa 
fascinosa   Costa Fascinosa
Costa Fortuna  Costa Fortuna 
costa-luminosa   Costa Luminosa
MAGICA  Costa Magica 
-neoromantica   Costa Neoromantica
Costa Mediterranea  Costa Mediterranea 
Pacifica   Costa Pacifica
CostaSerena  Costa Serena 
Costa-Victoria   Costa Victoria
voyager  Costa Voyager 



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Down the hatch - Here's a drinking expression that seems to have its origins in sea freight, where cargoes are lowered into the hatch. First used by seamen, it has only been traced back to the turn of the century.
Clean Bill of Health - This widely used term has its origins in the document issued to a ship showing that the port it sailed from suffered from no epidemic or infection at the time of departure
As the Crow Flies - When lost or unsure of their position in coastal waters, ships would release a caged crow. The crow would fly straight towards the nearest land thus giving the vessel some sort of a navigational fix. The tallest lookout platform on a ship came to be know as the crow's nest.